Taiji Butchers’ New Strategy

Second-generation wolphin female

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Instead of detaining the innocent dolphins for a day before execution, the butchers of Taiji, Japan are now murdering their victims on the spot! Why? I will tell you why. We are making an impact! Japanese consulates and embassies are receiving thousands of calls, emails and faxes during the dolphins’ incarceration, making it difficult for them to conduct normal daily operations. The molesters have initiated a new strategy in an attempt to muffle the sounds of our cries. Guess what! We are going to make it even more difficult for them! It is time for us to hit them hard and cry out for the dolphins who will never have a chance to cry themselves!

Now for a strategy of our own! It’s time to hit them even harder! Email the nearest consulate and embassy to you. Tell them that you are angry. Tell them that their evil actions are not to be tolerated and that you will boycott Japan for years to come because every time you see a Japanese product, images of the massacres flash before you. Tell them that your children and their children will also boycott as to not bring shame upon their family. Tell them how you are spreading the word to neighbors, friends, your postman, you barber, etc. Tell them you will not stop this fight until they stop the killing or you stop breathing. No more Mr. Nice Guy!

CLICK HERE to use the Google translator to convert your letter to Japanese.

CLICK HERE to email the Prime Minister of Japan.

CLICK HERE for a video on how to say, “Stop killing dolphins,” in Japanese.

CLICK HERE for a list of Japanese consulates and embassies.

Call the nearest consulate and embassy. Do not get into a debate with them. Dominate the conversation. Start voicing your grievances as soon as they answer the phone without stating your name or saying, “Hello.” You should still try to be polite in your tone, but get your point across. Tell them what you said in your email. Tell them you will boycott and spread the word. If they try to argue points about eating beef or something stupid, just repeat you statements. “I am calling to tell you (your complaints). I don’t care what you have to say. I care that the massacres stop!” If you are transferred to a recording, give them an earful. Make it as long as you can. Thy must have someone listen to these recordings and document them.

If you have time, please call, fax and email more consulates and embassies. It doesn’t matter where they are located. Please do this! I am begging you. We are making an impact and we can’t let them get away with killing our cetacean friends like that! They killed dolphins immediately after capturing them because they thought they could keep us from making calls and sending emails/faxes. We have to do this! We have to make an even bigger impact to show them we will never back down. We are having an effect so now we must increase our momentum. Call Now!

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” – Martin Luther King