Your Friend Is Dead

The Cove, Taiji, Japan

Dear Stars,

I saw your friends. They were not doing well and they wondered where you were. They really appreciated your little video encouraging others to help. I have a blog with a whopping 17 followers, so my reach is slightly limited compared to yours. But, I’m trying.

I watched as your friends were killed and wondered why you weren’t here for them. Your Friend Is . . . DEAD!

Thanks for making the P.S.A. I’m sure your friends appreciate it.

Mike Lorden, Cove Guardian

In my post How Much Longer? I suggested the possibility that the stars in The Cove P.S.A. may have not actually seen the movie itself which would explain their reluctance to serve as Cove Guardians. I was wrong. Just over one year ago, Ben Stiller stated how he and his friends had seen ‘The Cove.” See video below:

Wait a second! Did I hear Ben Stiller say that the killing had stopped? This video was posted in November, 2009! Do you mean to tell me that no one has told Hollywood that dolphins are still being massacred? Is it truly possible that not a single animal-loving star has heard about the continued holocaust of Taiji, Hell? If that’s the case, we are doomed! Or should I say, many more intelligent cetaceans are doomed!

You know, maybe I am being too hard on them. Maybe it is our own fault that we would care too much while others don’t care enough or not at all. Maybe we should just be happy with what we have . . . a video: