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“There’s about as much educational benefit studying dolphins in captivity as there would be studying mankind by only observing prisoners held in solitary.” – Jacques Cousteau

Scientists have determined that dolphins are so intelligent, that they should be deemed ‘people.’ Anyone who has had the pleasure of spending time with these compassionate cetaceans already know this. It makes you wonder how trainers in marine parks could condone a dolphin’s imprisonment and slavery.

The world is slowly waking up. Millions of people worldwide are vehemently opposed to the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan as a result the award winning documentary ‘The Cove.’ This is no ordinary film. This movie turns an ordinary person into an activist instantly. You don’t believe me? Watch it!

In light of all that is happening in this world, who would be so defiant as to open a new dolphin slave show right here in the U.S.A.? I will tell you: Georgia Aquarium! That’s right. In Atlanta, Georgia people will be able to see slave dolphins do silly tricks. Who are these people who would actually give money to an establishment that would perpetrate such a despicable act? They are the ones who have not seen ‘The Cove.’ Guess who they will be buying these evil tickets for. They will be bringing their children to see the circus acts in a $110 million dollar prison.

Georgia Aquarium Proudly Enslaves Dolphins

So, what can be done about this. The answer is really quite simple. If you live in Georgia or any of the surrounding states, you now have a calling. You must arrange screenings of ‘The Cove.’ at every school, church, scout den and Y.M.C.A. in your area. This is up to you! Do not wait for an organization to assist you. Do not use the excuse that you cannot do this alone. It is imperative that you act now! Do not consider it; do it. Don not think about it; make it happen! You have found a purpose in life. You have been bestowed with this mission. Do it! Start now.

By being inattentive to the needs of others, inevitably we end up harming them.” – Dalai Lama

If you are not in the Georgia area, it is up to you to help those who are. Give them support. Start a discussion group on how to initiate and conduct a screening. Start a facebook group, email group, or whatever you need to do. Research links and put these people in connection with others who may have experience in the matter.

If you make your best effort to be kinder, nurture compassion, make the world a better place, then you can say ‘At least I’ve done my best’.” – Dalai Lama

If you have arranged screenings for ‘The Cove’ or other similar films, please comment below. Let this be a starting place for a campaign to help the prisoners in Atlanta.

“We must cultivate a universal responsibility toward each other and extend it to the planet that we have to share.” – Dalai Lama

Scientists Say Dolphins Should Be Treated As Non-Human Persons

We need to develop a sense of equanimity towards all living beings, expressed through the ability to relate to all others equally.” – Dalai Lama

Scientists Say Dolphins Should Be Granted Human Non-Human Person Status

Science and the law can both help us forecast the consequences of our actions, but neither can tell us how we ought to act in a moral sense.” – Dalai Lama

Scientists Say Dolphins Should Be Treated As ‘Non-Human Persons’

“The most compassionate form of giving is done with no thought or expectation of reward, and grounded in genuine concern for others.” – Dalai Lama

Is A Dolphin A Person?

“To me, you’re either an activist or an inactivist.” – Louie Psihoyos | quote from The Cove

Scientists Call For Dolphins To Be Given “Non-Human Person” Status

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” – Martin Luther King

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Georgia Aquarium Proudly Enslaves Dolphins

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