Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift by Pete Mander

Our Dumbed Down Society

by Pete Mander

Four years ago I cut off cable TV and have not looked back since. After all, we paid the bill for years prior and didn’t really watch it anyway, since I use the internet instead like a lot of people do for entertainment and educating purposes. It’s also a great place to network and talk with friends on the other side of the planet. The internet is an amazing tool if you know how to use it.
Without  it I would not even have the luxury of doing what I love for a living, so I am dependent on it more so then most of you reading this. I must say that when it comes down to a majority of my time online, 80-85% of it is just networking and learning as much as I possibly can, and it has changed who I am today.  After all, if you want to know something about anything, and I mean anything! you just have to look it up online. Over the last few years doing this, it feels like I have been sleeping for the last 30 years of my life.  Read More . . .

Save Lolita ~ Tokitae

by Dolphinelle

The 60′s…along came Carolina Snowball  Beluga Whale! What the heck was a white whale it seemed so rare. I knew that I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. How I wondered what it would be like to have you Carolina as my friend. I was a young child looking at this wonderful animal with wonderment.  I dreamed of standing at the Dolphin Show on the bow of that dingy, just like Ric, Ric O’Barry used to do,  and have these wonderful animals rise up to meet me from theSeaquarium Lolita Show water, I would then blow the whistle and give them a fishy treat. I visited the Miami Seaquarium quite regularly in my younger years.  I have a friend that worked as a trainer in 1990. She quit. I often wondered why would she quit just a wonderful job. Swimming with the Dolphins, mingling with the seals. Maybe she really couldn’t say. Maybe she saw the truth. She was as animal lover,  a vet tech.

How I loved to watch that Shark spinning  advertising the Miami Seaquarium . While we waited to make a left turn into Rickenbacker Causeway I would stare at the Seaquarium advertising it was a shark,  a stuffed tiger shark at the entrance to Key Biscayne and you had to pay a dime to pay for the toll. Yes a dime. Tolls were not that expensive then, now its $1.00 or it could be higher 4 years after I left Dade County.  The stuffed, dessicated Tiger shark advertising the Seaquarium it spun around and around.  I remember one year someone put a mannequin’s leg in the mouth of that shark with fake blood and all it made the news. I think it was around the time that “Jaws” the movie had become a hit and how all of us got scared of going into the water. Read More . . .

Champions of the Seas

by Cheryl E Gordon

Cheryl E GordonPurpose: I made this blog in support of the Creatures of the Seas and their Human Champions, Fighting for their Cause. I have Posted some of my favorite Champions here and on some I have included a brief Notation of their Purpose/Mission.

To the Right of the Blog, I have posted Champions of the Seas Links That I Found Helpful and Insightful.

There are More Out there I Know, and I am Still Looking to Include …. If you have a blog that is of focus on Healing of the Oceans and their Inhabitants, please let me know. Thanks!

I have the Dolphins of Taiji Closest to My Heart at this Time, so I wrote a Poem for them and to Challenge the World to Helping them Overcome Their Plight. The Japanese have been Persecuting them Relentlessly in the Cove of Taiji to Their Deaths and Capture. I plan on writing a Tune to my Poem Soon, and will Post a Video when I do. Cheer me On!

I do Need Your Help to keep this list accurate and effective.  Read More . . .

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