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J-Brange and TomKat

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I am on a mission. There are only two things that will cause me to stand down. One is that the killings at The Cove are a thing of the past. The second is that a star is taking up the role of a Cove Guardian. Nothing shall deter me in any way from achieving these goals. I would like to thank those of you who have joined me on this crusade. I take comfort in knowing that many of you will carry on this campaign if something unforeseen should happen to me; not that anything would. It’s just nice to know.

I have created a facebook page entitled Cove Stars. You can also read the Cove Stars Daily newspaper. But the petition is the best. I just created it today and it’s doing rather well. I will be sending the results to the editors of People Magazine unless I get word otherwise. I’m getting a little help here that I can’t go into just now.

Please read, sign and share the petition. We shall be victorious!

Visit Cove Stars on facebook here.

Read the Cove Stars Daily here.

Sign the Petition here.

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