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Miami seaquarium

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When I was fifteen years old, I got my first job at the golden arches. This particular establishment was a franchise and was owned by a really great guy. He believed in positive reinforcement. There were monthly meetings where awards were handed out, games were played and we all discussed ways to make our jobs more efficient. The managers were cheerful, yet fair. We all loved our jobs and worked hard with a genuine smile on our faces.

Many months later I moved to a different city. I obtained employment at another golden arches owned by the corporation. I was very disillusioned. Everyone seemed to hate their jobs there. Management was nothing like what I had experienced before. To them, it was just a job. One day, an employee dropped a bun on the floor. He picked it up and put it on the burger. I told him he could not do that. He laughed and proceeded to serve the meal. I promptly went to the manager. There was no way I could let that item be served and when I told the manager about it, she just laughed and went back to her paperwork. I walked out.

Throughout the years, I have encountered establishments under great management, bad management and mediocre management. It all comes down to one thing: If management is not good, how can you trust the product or any of their practices? What’s really going on behind the scenes? When you walk into a business and it appears that everyone hates their jobs, I suggest that you turn around and walk out. Of course, there are the situations where the smiles are bogus but most of us know bad acting when we see it. A high turnover of employees is another indicator of a not-so-savory place to spend your time and money. Some employers, however, compensate for this with an outstanding benefits package and/or high salaries.

I have had many debates on Twitter lately, with those who support SeaWorld and other marine mammal prisons. I do not usually argue a point for very long. It is obvious when they do not want to hear the facts. I find it best to drop a seed and move on. There are a couple of instances that stand out. After I gave one woman some great links, her final rebuttal was that SeaWorld held some special memories for her. Wow! That just blew me away. I could not help but think of a former concentration camp guard saying the same thing.

There was another who was very adamant to come to the rescue of SeaWorld’s reputation. With her every comment, I had a link to offer. I had sent her links on former trainers that had gained a conscience and rose up to speak against the SeaWorld slaver industry. Her reply was that they were disgruntled employees. I did not think to thank her at the time, but she was actually admitting that SeaWorld was under bad management. If you are on Twitter and you would like to thank her yourself, just click here.

There are so many arguments. They say that ‘The Cove’ was not based on facts and that there really is no connection. They say that they blah, blah, blah, blah. So what! It really comes down to one thing. Why do we care more for the marine mammals’ feelings than they do? Let’s make it really simple here. Science has determined that dolphins are second or equal in intelligence to humans. SeaWorld already knows this because they have been working with them for so long, however, if they would actually admit this then they are admitting to slavery of intelligent sentient beings.

While SETI has been looking for intelligent beings beyond the stars, scientists have found them right here. SeaWorld has known this all along. Sailors throughout the ages have known this. Residents of seaside villages have known this. Now that it has been proven by science, SeaWorld is reluctant to admit it. Otherwise, they would be exposing their demon within. Hell! Even if they didn’t believe it, they are still committing an atrocity.

So, when it comes to comparison of ‘The Cove’ to SeaWorld, please let me ask you which you would rather if you were the subject in question. Would you prefer death or a life of slavery? It is apparent that SeaWorld doesn’t care about the opinions of their captors. One of their arguments is that many of their subjects were not taken from the wild, but were born at their facilities. Wow! So this means that they condone a lifetime of incarceration for those born in prison! How much more sadistic can they be? Just because these wonderful persons are born in prison, they somehow deserve to be there for life, according to SeaWorld. What the hell kind of argument is that? What’s worse is the morons that accept that argument. “Oh! Well if they were born in prison, then that’s okay! As long as they were not taken from the wild, I am good with that.” Does anyone see something utterly wrong with this picture?

So what do we do? I will tell you what we can do. I have been following the happy SeaWorld people on Twitter. They often use the hashtag #swsa. Use this tag whenever you tweet about dolphins, orcas, seals or sharks. If you have a blog, make sure you use SeaWorld as a tag whenever you post about anything related. If you upload a video about marine mammals, use the tags: SeaWorld, Georgia Aquarium, Miami SeaQuarium and Discovery Cove. In fact use these as tags or any other aquariums you can think of when you post anything on the web.

If you do not have a Twitter account, a blog or a YouTube account please create one now. You can ReTweet other people’s tweets. You can ReBlog other people’s blogs and you can share other people’s videos if you don’t think you are creative enough to do your own thing. Regardless, if you have the compassion, then that is all that matters. If you care more about the feelings of the slaves than the slavers do, that is all that counts. You do not have to be an expert Tweeter, blogger or video creator. Just do it! Let’s saturate the internet with the content that matters most.

Have you ever done a search on Google for Taiji, Japan. A simple image search results in photos of a cove of blood. We can do that for the marine theme parks. We can see to it that people are faced with the cold hard facts of marine mammal slavery whenever they do a search for dolphins, whales, orcas, seals, SeaWorld, Georgia Aquarium, Miami Seaquarium, Marine Land, etc.

I am only one person, but we are many. Please help by creating your own blog, website, twitter account, facebook account, MySpace account and YouTube account. Let’s be a dominant presence on the web! All you have to do is share what is already out there and use the appropriate tags. Tags are what search engines use to find content. Let’s give them content that will change the world! Please do it NOW!