The #Taiji Dolphin Killing Drives and “Countdown to #TheCove”

Cover of "The Cove"

Cover of The Cove

By Muffyjo – Champions of the Seas

Sept 1st Marks the Beginning of the Dolphin Hunt Drives in the Cove of Taiji Japan.  It is not unusual for up to 20,000 dolphins and even some whales to lose their lives in these dolphin drives annually.  They are being killed for money… for their meat, and for providing entertainment to the demanding public who want to swim with the dolphins, and watch them do tricks for their own personal entertainment.

But the world is now taking notice, and the pressure is on to stop the killing from these drives, and the sales of selected dolphins for entertainment parks such as Sea World and other Ocean Aquariums.

“For the first time ever, in 2010 – 2011, Cove Guardian Activists from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Save Japan Dolphins were in Taiji every single day of the dolphin slaughter, which ran from September to March…yet the tragedy continues…” (from Countdown to the Cove)

People are becoming aware of the dark side of this beautiful sea and fishing port called Taiji.   Here, the fishermen have chosen to hunt dolphins & whales (of the dolphin family), which is misleading, for dolphins are not fish but intelligent sentient ocean mammals.  Also of concern is danger from this practice through ingestion of the dolphin meat which has been found to often contain of a higher than acceptable level of mercury contamination.  This mercury presence is generally not publicized, and when spoken of, lightly put aside as not of concern by the Japanese.  Even the children of Taiji are said to be served this meat in their school menu.

But the word is out, with a jump start from “The Cove Movie” which you can watch for free here @ and concern is now escalating around the world.  The media has picked up the story and there is an increase in the publications and public interest regarding the deaths and captures of the dolphins in Taiji.  Perhaps you too are concerned now that you have become aware of the dolphin plight.  But, what can the average concerned citizen of the world do?

You can help by spreading the truth, and “Join the protest via Facebook International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji @

For more information on “Countdown to the Cove”, and the Taiji Dolphins just follow this Web Link:
Countdown to the Cove

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