Countdown to #TheCove Telephone Protest

The attention on Taiji, Japan of Wakayama Prefecture is snowballing! Every year, sadistic fishermen herd thousands of dolphins into a cove of Taiji. Marine theme park dolphin trainers come from all over and choose the most aesthetically pleasing dolphins for their shows. The remaining mammals are speared and tortured in front of their pods (families) until all are dead. Many times, the dolphins that are being taken away are still around to witness this only to then be taken away for a lifetime of captivity.

The following was copied from the facebook page Count Down to Cove Telephone Protest. Did You Make Your Call Today?

Friday, August 5 at 9:00amSeptember 2 at 12:00pm

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On September 1st 26 dolphin hunters, and the horrific Whale Museum open their Season http://www.countdowntocove​.com/. Each year 1000’s of dolphins are slaughtered and captured for dolphinariums world wide in “The Cove” http://www.savejapandolphi​ Their methods of killing are cruel beyond the imagination as seen in the newly released video by Dieter Hagmann as he goes behind the blue tarp to film a dolphins worst nightmare​/neu/atlanticblue_01.htmlOn September 1st the world is standing up for Dolphins. There are 24 Events listed on Save Japan Dolphins and more are being organized everyday.
For the rest of August let us call the Japanese Embassies Monday thru Friday World Wide. Let’s make them aware that the world now knows the truth about Taiji, and how they are abusing, and brutally murdering the sacred dolphins.Urge Japan stop the 26 dolphin hunters and the Whale Museum from bringing shame on Japan!

Australia + 61 (0) 262 7332 3244

Brazil +556134424200

Canada +1 613 241 8541

Ireland 3153 (0) 1 202 8300

India 00-91-11-2687-6581/
Japan 03-3224-5000

London + 44 (0) 207 465 6500

Mexico +525552110028

Netherlands +31703469544

New Zealand + 64 (0) 4 473 1540

France +33148886200

Italy +39-06-487-991

South Africa + 27 (0) 12 452 1500

Spain +34915907600

Sweden +46771235235

Thailand 02-207-8500 / 02-696-3000

Venezuela +81456632988

Washington D.C. +1202-238-6900
If you country is not listed and you can’t find the number let me know and I will help you.