Attn Gov Mitch Daniels @mymanmitch RE: Snapperfest

Governor Mitch Daniels,

It is not a question of who is right and who is wrong. It is not a question of what is defined by law. It’s not even a question of whether or not turtles feel pain or emotional distress. We all know that they do. It’s a question of whether or not you care. Do you, Mr. Governor?

Do you care if this atrocity against nature persists on your watch? Do you care if your state is labeled The Snapperfest State while you are in office? Do you care if you will always be remembered as one who did nothing? Most importantly, do you care if the innocent turtles of Snapperfest feel pain?

Certainly, we could argue that laws should be changed. We could argue that, according to law, a torture festival for fawns or bunnies would be perfectly legal. So why not turtles? We could argue that since so many people have pet turtles, they should fall into a category that protects domesticated animals. That is, however, not the issue here, Mr. Governor. The issue is whether or not you will give the world a reason to praise you. It is whether or not you will give those in your state a cause to applaud you. It is whether or not you will make your family proud of you.

It’s rather quite simple, Governor Daniels. All you have to do is utter three words: “Snapperfest is wrong.”

Warmest Regards,

Holise E. Cleveland III

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.”Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Where there is a mind, there are feelings such as pain, pleasure, and joy. No sentient being wants pain: all wants happiness instead.” – Dalai Lama

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”Mahatma Gandhi

“And those who dismiss love for our fellow creatures as mere sentimentality overlook a good and important part of our humanity. But it takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal. And it is actually within us to grant them a happy life and a long one.” – Joaquin Phoenix | quote from EARTHLINGS