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I had my first appointment with my new primary physician last week. A conversation kicked off when she noticed my religion listed as Utopian and my diet as “100% Vegan!” I was impressed to discover that she has seen The Cove movie, so without further ado I dove into the next important subject and informed her of Indiana’s sadistic turtle torture event: Snapperfest.

Awareness of Snapperfest is growing despite the Indiana governor’s fear of addressing the issue. Turtle torture articles are popping up all over the internet despite the reluctance of the Ohio County press to write about it. Snapperfest videos are turning up on Youtube, even though the local TV stations only provide a sissyfied version of the truth. Camp Snapperfest and its “no-balls” government think that the whole thing will just quiet down and go away. What they don’t realize is that each time someone hears about Camp WannaTortureTurtles, it is news to them. They are engaged and mortified as they vow to tell everyone they know about Indiana’s sadistic secret. By next summer, “Snapperfest” will be a household word.

I have attempted to comprise a list of articles on the subject. You can find a playlist of videos on my Youtube channel and there are some interesting photos here: Snapperfest Picture Dump. Please bookmark this page. If you come across any articles, videos, photos or radio shows on the subject, add the link in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Vegan Threat 9 – Snapperfest

By Vegan Threat

This episode focuses on Snapperfest, a yearly event in Indiana which uses wild turtles for spectator sport at a private campground. For the last 15 years, local residents have participated in his Budweiser-sponsored event to the dismay of animal rights groups who have been unable to stop it through legal channels. This year, due the the increased attention, organizers banned all unauthorized photography equipment from the premises and only “locals” were allowed to attend. Therefore, WKRC was the only crew allowed to report on the event.

Rich Jaffe from WKRC had previously shown his support for the event by appearing on television holding a one of the wild turtles by the tail. During the WKRC broadcast, viewers were also shown a turtle in a bucket of shallow water (and what appears to be urine) while the announcer claims that the turtles are “well cared for”. Read More and Listen to the Show…

Budweiser Supports SnapperfestOne of a Kind Snapping Turtle Festival Conintues On

By MetaFilter

Snapperfest in Rising Sun, Indiana, is a yearly event revolving around catching wild Snapping Turtles. It is a contest where men grab a wild Indiana snapping turtle by the tail, run the length of a field and then force the terrified turtle’s head out of the shell Then they try to get their hand wrapped around the the turtle’s neck and hoist it over their head. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ position is that cruelty laws do not apply to wild animals.

While the festival has been going on in Rising Sun, Indiana, since 1996, it only attracted attention after PETA posted an alert, just a few days before the annual event. The Indiana Humane Society asked the campground hosting the event to cancel it, but was turned down. Read More…

Should Snapperfest be Illeagal? Take the Poll on Facebook

Note: When taking the poll, you may want to get a good look at those who voted “No!”

snapperfest budweiser

Snapperfest — это фестиваль, участники которого соревнуются в дёргании черепах за голову

By Net Clubs

Фестиваль Snapperfest являет собой наглядный пример жестокого обращения с животными, где участники должны дергать черепах за голову до тех пор, пока она не высунется из панциря настолько, чтобы её шею можно было обхватить руками. Фестиваль проводится на протяжении десятилетия, несмотря на многочисленные попытки общества по защите животных PETA добиться запрета фестиваля.

В этом году фестиваль состоялся 20 августа. Как обычно, в штате Индиана собралось огромное количество зрителей и участников жестокого действа. По условиям конкурса каждый участник состязания должен подбежать к баку, заполненному черепахами, ухватить одну из них за хвост, а затем выдергивать её за голову из панциря. Выигрывает тот, кто сделает это быстрее всех. Read More…

Snapperfest – Yet Another Another Animal Cruelty Fest

By Spooky

Snapperfest is an obscure Indiana festival where participants have to yank a snapping turtle’s head out of its shell until they can wrap their hands around its neck.

It has been taking place in Ohio County, Indiana, for over a decade, despite PETA’s numerous attempts to shut it down, and sadly, it was organized this year as well, on August 20th. As always a big crowd gathered at Campshore Campgrounds to see the “brave” competitors tormenting a bunch of frightened snapping turtles. Now that right there sounds like a great way to spend your weekend.

Every Snapperfest contestant has to run up to a tank full of snapping turtles, grab one by its tail, slam it onto a piece of tarp and yank its head out of the shell. Apparently, each participant has his own techniques to get the wild-caught turtles to reveal their heads, but most popular are the repeated slamming against the ground, and pounding on the shell. While the crowd cheers them on, they grab the snapper turtle’s head and yank it out enough to wrap their hands around its neck. The one who manages to yank the turtle’s head fastest, wins. Read More…

Snapperfest -or- Hoosiers gone wild (and stupid)

By Kathleen Stachowski

A couple weeks ago I wrestled with the idea of pig wrestling at the Western Montana Fair. Turns out my healthcare provider, Western Montana Clinic, was one of the sponsors. Yes, healers–people whose empathy should be well-developed–sponsored an event where frightened pigs and piglets are chased and wrestled into a bucket. These things leave you shaking your head: Who finds this kind of stupidity entertaining? Why would any savvy business person agree to sponsor something with an element of cruelty? One species’ “fun” is another species’ terror–is this so hard to grasp?

Now comes Snapperfest. Read More . . .

Torturan a tortugas marinas por diversión

Es en un macabro concurso se celebra todos los años.

El Snapperfest es una “fiesta” brutal, que se celebra anualmente en un campamento en el condado de Ohio, en Indiana.

Aunque algunos pocos aseguran que se trata de un “concurso”, lo cierto es que poco tiene de sana competencia. Consiste en capturar una tortuga de un pequeño estanque, girarla por la cola, golpearla contra el suelo, maltratarla y, cuando finalmente logran que asome la cabeza,tirar de ella, como queriéndosela arrancar. Todo para probar que son los hombres más fuertes del lugar. Read More . . .

And the list goes on!

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