I Got a New Shirt!

Guess what I got! A brand new Sea Shepherd shirt! I received two packages last night. One was from Heather Hibbitt. She sent me a copy of The Cove movie. Too cool! I can never have too many of those. I go through them like coffee. The other package was from Suzanne, Scott, Elora and Sabrina West. Upon opening it, I was overjoyed. It was like a grab bag from King Neptune containing a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians shirt, Sea Shepherd sticker, Sea Shepherd Log, The End of the Line DVD, The Cove DVD, a Sea Shepherd card and some rather special love. Woo Hoo! It seems that every time I start to get a little down, someone picks me up again. Thank you so very much!

That’s not all! I would like to extend a special, “Thank you,” to Jackie Bigford, Wes Cole, Sandy McElhaney, Elizabeth Batt and Ted Kropiewnicki for the special love they sent my way.

I LOVE the Wests!

Yesterday I met one of my Twitter friends, Brittany Hannah, who just so happens to work for the Rome News-Tribune. She is very friendly. I also got a tweet from a special person who may yet visit me. We shall see. I do so love surprises.

My goal is to have a small place that accepts pets. I hope to get a large television and a couch so that I can invite homeless people over to watch movies while I serve them delicious vegan meals. In time, I may get the support I need to open a shelter that really helps people and teaches them about marine conservation. Homelessness is on the rise. Marine conservation and animal welfare organizations should consider embarking upon a homeless outreach program where true compassion is provided in return for watching a series of DVDs. These lost souls, who are in dire straights, are very attentive to anything you may have to share with them while sipping on a hot coffee or partaking of a meal that they may otherwise not be fortunate enough to have at that moment. Such an endeavor to educate these people, while helping them in their greatest time of need, will be the start of a worldwide revolution wherein people will learn to care about their planet and all of its inhabitants. We will create an army of supporters for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Save Japan Dolphins and other advocates for the voiceless.

For now, I will attempt to show movies at the day shelter but I may need your help. These people are not too keen on watching anything but action and comedy. I may have to start a petition or two so that I can get the ball rolling. Today, I plan to go to Purple Mountain Natural Foods. They have lots of vegan yummies. I want to see if I can get them to donate to the day shelter for lunch one day. This way, I can reward people for watching a film. That’s just how it works around here. Go to church. Then you get a meal. Go to a Bible study. Then you get some food. It’s high time we joined the parade. For a cruelty-free meal, we can change lives. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 6, I will be on another radio show with Joey Giggles. Thanks to those who have helped me out, I was able to purchase a good microphone at Wal-Mart for only $8.88. I have tested it here at Honeymoon Bakery and it has good clarity while cancelling out the background noise. Since I get such a good signal here, I will be doing the show live from this location.

I did a radio show a while back. I promised one of my hearing impaired friends that I would write up a transcript for her to read. I have yet to do so. I think about it always but I have little time to do it. Being on foot makes going places take up a good portion of your day. I would be eternally grateful if someone would help me out with this. If you can write out the transcript for the show (link below), you would be doing  a service to any hearing impaired person who has a desire to read it.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!