#Homeless Activist Front Page Headline in #RomeGA #rnt

The HoneyMoon Bakery was closed this morning, so I set out for Starbucks. While passing a newspaper machine on Broad Street, I stopped to look at the paper. I had been expecting my story to come out but I was quite surprised to see it on the front page. Not having enough change to purchase a copy, I continued to my destination where I bought two.

It all worked out for the best anyway. I have no more gift certificates for the bakery but I did get my disability check, so I am content to buy coffee at Starbucks. As you all know, I spent most of it on others. I bought coffee for homeless men who would otherwise have nowhere to go in the early morning hours; especially when it was cold or raining. I also bought coffee by the pound for the day room at SOW INC. Eating at HoneyMoon Bakery is a bit rare, being that I am vegan and they have but one acceptable item on the menu. Nevertheless, I would prefer to spend my days there. They are very kind to me and the coffee is delicious.

I have to restart this old laptop every hour or two. It just can’t handle what I put it through. Despite uninstalling most programs that do not pertain to social media, it still yells at me for using too much memory. A wonderful friend sent me a nice laptop, but it’s in worse shape than mine. It has more memory and it’s a quality piece of machinery but there is something wrong with it. It freezes up after five minutes of use, not matter what. The funny thing is that the cursor is till mobile but nothing responds to any clicks or keyboard functions. It’s a Dell. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. On the other hand, if you happen to have an unregistered copy of Windows Vista lying around, please don’t toss it out with the trash. I think my issues can be resolved if I simply reformat the hard drive and install Windows from scratch.

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