Twitter Tip: Choosing a Name

RosieOhBoyAs activists, we should have the priority of spreading awareness to the ignorant. We should, therefore, choose a name that doesn’t immediately turn people off to our cause. When you are choosing a Twitter name, ask yourself, “Who is my target audience?”

If you are trying to get other activists to sign petitions, then you may want a name like, “Captivity Kills.” On the other hand, if you are trying to reach the masses you may want something less obvious like, “Friend of Dolphins” or “Orcas Rule.” One of my accounts is @WorldSeaParks because I am addressing people of the atrocities of Sea Parks around the world, yet I don’t turn people off with the name itself.

My personal account is @MrHolise. I can do anything with it from sharing stupid jokes to protesting against the Taiji demons. The only drawback to it is that I am just a person, whereas the @WorldSeaParks account seems more like an institution or organisation.

I also have @CybrWhaleWariors or Cyber Whale Warriors. This is obviously for addressing and sharing with fellow activists.

Holise Cleveland III  MrHolise  on TwitterMy other account is @Snapperfest. During our campaigns to halt the turtle torture festivals in Indiana, I was lucky to discover that the annual festival did not have the sense to snatch that account up. Now that we have apparently shut the animal abuse event down, I now use that account for miscellaneous subjects, including veganism and occupy wall street issues.

If you are new to Twitter, I suggest you just use a personal account for now. You can always start more later. My suggestion for multiple accounts is that you have a separate Google account for each one. This way, you can have a different Gmail account, Facebook account, etc. connected to each of your Twitter accounts and it makes it easier to keep it all organised. With Tweetdeck, however, you can use all at once.

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