Op-Ed: Former SeaWorld Ad Writer’s Anguish post Blackfish

This article from The Orca Project moved me to tears. An ad copywriter who worked on SeaWorld commercials now regrets her work, and will no longer list the abusement park on her resume. CHANGE IS AFOOT — #Blackfish is awakening the hearts and minds of many, and brings such profound hope to those of us campaigning so vigorously against the keeping of cetacea in captivity.

The Orca Project

An amazingly talented woman who once created major advertising and public relations campaigns for SeaWorld is having a drastic change of heart. After viewing the documentary film Blackfish, Cara Wilson-Granat will no longer list SeaWorld as a former client on her resume, but instead seeks healing as she prays to right the wrongs of the past… and the present. The California based author and inspirational speaker submitted an op-ed to The Orca Project and we are pleased to present it to you here… in her words:

San Diego, California – Years ago when I was a copywriter for an advertising agency in Los Angeles, one of my favorite accounts was writing for SeaWorld. I could barely contain my joy writing the ads, radio and TV spots that touted the “touching experience” of SeaWorld. Oh the delight I felt when I first met Shamu and was able to experience a world of…

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