#Blackfish and the #CyberWhaleWarrior Cry


Blackfish (Photo credit: howardignatius)

After being offline for a couple of months, I am quite pleased to see the activity in cyberland. The new documentary, Blackfish, has created quite a stir and cyber-activists have taken advantage of this by literally taking the internet by storm. The Blackfish tag is trending on most any social media platform even as you read this. On Twitter, for example, you can conduct a search for “#Blackfish” or simply click on the tag [try it now >> #Blackfish] to see a constant stream of cries to free sentient beings from captivity.

In March of 2011, I noticed that SeaWorld San Antonio was using the hashtag #SWSA. A few friends and I infiltrated the tag with anti-captivity articles and videos, prompting $eaWorld to abandon use of the tag. Currently, SeaWorld is using such tags as #SeaWorldCares and #SeaWorldRescue. If you understand hashtags, you know that they are meant to be followed and those who have not yet seen Blackfish are probably following tags used by $eaWorld.

It’s time that we once again showed the world that we will not allow such unethical and immoral establishments, like SeaWorld, to have the privilege of using tags. SeaWorld may continue to air their television and radio commercials but mainstream media is for the computer illiterate. In social media, we are the media because we are the people! As cyber whale warriors, we are the voice for the dolphins and whales!

My suggestions are as follows. Combine hashtags that SlaveWorld uses with the trending #Blackfish tag and any other tag that my be trending at the time. All of your tweets need not be evident of anti-captivity because some people will be turned off before clicking on the accompanying links. Also, try to maintain the tweet etiquette of only using three tags or less. (I think that four is okay. What’s one more?)

Following are some examples of tweets. You may copy them if you like or use your own. Be creative!

#Vacation: Watch #Blackfish to see just how much #SeaWorldCares http://BlackFishMovie.com

#Tourism: How does #SeaWorldRescue #Blackfish? See for yourself! http://youtu.be/AOmWpkablBY

They are also using tags such as: #OrnamentGiveaway, #SeaWorldTexas and #Shamu. I suggest you keep an eye on them to see what tags they believe they are entitled to. Incorporate them into your tweets and comments via social media platforms.

If you feel like you are not Twitter savvy, that’s okay. You can simply go to the stream and ReTweet whatever you see. Every tweet is a ripple in the tidal wave that will eventually end the atrocities upon orcas in marine mammal prisons.

More tag suggestions: Vacation, Travel, Tourism, Orlando, SanAntonio, SanDiego, Dolphins, Education, News.

If you have just seen Blackfish or The Cove and you are fired up to do something for these precious beings, know that you will be joining the ranks of hundreds of thousands of compassionate people around the globe with your first tweet. Welcome to the cause!

With eleven of you, I make a dozen. With ninety-nine of you, I make a hundred. But I cannot do it without each and every one of you. You matter! For the orcas! For the oceans! You are cyber whale warriors!