#Blackfish: The Voice of a New Generation

BlackfishThere have been people opposed to dolphins and orcas in captivity ever since SeaWorld abducted its first prisoners from their ocean home. With the release of the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove the number of anti-captivity advocates grew significantly. The documentary A Fall From Freedom and the book Death At SeaWorld further added to the army of cetacean freedom fighters.

The most recent addition, the Blackfish documentary, appears to be the tip of the iceberg and it is taking the world by storm. It was aired on CNN and is now on Netflix and Youtube. Every day, thousands are viewing the film for the first time.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-500 (N507SW) pai...

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-500 (N507SW) painted in Southwest’s special Shamu livery departing Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon, United States in October, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are petitions pleading with music artists to cancel their gigs with SeaWorld, nine of which have cancelled already. There are petitions that ask companies like Southwest Airlines and Groupon to stop endorsing SeaWorld and they are all receiving a host of signatures. I support these brilliant petitions and I have signed all of them that have come to my attention. I think, however, that there may be room for a few more.

We usually petition that someone stop doing something or don’t do something. We demand that practices are abandoned and that boycotts are initiated. We ask that products be removed from websites and endorsements be terminated. Maybe it’s time for a new kind of petition.

Coca-Cola proudly supports SeaWorld and Georgia Aquarium but the new generation does not support dolphin captivity. Were Pepsi to stand up and proclaim that they do not support orcas in captivity, it would start a wave like none before. Think of it! If their products bore a statement such as, “The new generation does not support cetacean captivity,” they would truly be a voice for blackfish freedom fighters and those who refuse to go to a marine mammal circus ever again.

SeaWorld Dolphin Cove - feeding and touching area

SeaWorld Dolphin Cove – feeding and touching area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Twitter alone, I watch daily as thousands share that they have just finished watching the Blackfish documentary. When I enlighten any of them that Coke supports orca prisons, they immediately proclaim that they will boycott Coca-Cola products. As news gets out, the masses will be making the cola switch. It would be advantageous for Pepsi to join the Blackfish effect and could very well be their best marketing tactic ever. Millions more would switch from Coke, making a statement that the corporate cola giant would understand. Furthermore, the campaign would be so successful that other corporations would gladly join in with their own voices against cetacean captivity.

Please join with me in signing a petition asking Pepsi to truly be the voice for a new generation by embracing the desire for cetacean freedom. Share it with everyone you can. You can even make it your browser’s homepage so that you are reminded to share it each time you go online.

Be a voice, not only of the new generation but a voice for precious souls like Tilikum and Lolita.  Sign and share Pepsi: Please consider the slogan, “The New Generation does not support #Blackfish captivity!”