#VeganSpotlight – A Labor of Love

What started as a mere curiosity has now turned into a daily chore of excitement and awe. I am watching first-hand as the tides of history turn toward a better future for this wonderful world and its inhabitants.

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I wondered just how often vegan restaurants were opening around the world. I wanted to know when a celebrity would make an announcement that she or he had chosen a vegan lifestyle. I simply typed “vegan” into the news category of a search engine each day and monitored the results. Each time, I shared my findings with my Facebook friends and Twitter followers. The articles were somewhat sparse at first, but I was glad to see that veganism was in the news every day.

As the word “vegan” became more popular, I found myself having to filter what I shared. Normally, I would only have to read the title of an article to determine its worth. Now, I was having to skim through or read the posts in their entirety. Jokes about vegans would be randomly written in by a writer for an article that was completely unrelated to veganism. It made me happy to know that the “V” word was becoming a household term and something that everyone was becoming familiar with but I did not necessarily want to share an entire news piece just for the sake of a mention. I also found that some people referred to themselves as Las Vegans if they were from Las Vegas, Nevada. I, therefore, considered it my duty to scrutinize before sharing.

When the documentary Cowspiracy was released, I saw a surge of pertinent articles. When the film was released to Netflix, veganism in the news began to snowball! I didn’t want to bombard my friends so I started the Facebook page, Vegan Spotlight. Besides, the point is to demonstrate just how often veganism is in the news and I wanted a place where I could post fresh links as I discovered them.

Vegan Spotlight CoverThe momentum grew, so I started Vegan Spotlight on Flipboard as well. The snowball swelled and I found that subcategories were developing enough to start new pages. New openings and reviews of vegan restaurants had now warranted their own attention; thus, Vegan Travel Spotlight was born.

If a single day goes by wherein I neglect to conduct my searches, I find myself under an avalanche of links. It is incredible just how much there is to share and I still don’t share it all because I know people may just get annoyed with all those notifications. I see possibilities opening for new categories, like; Vegan Celebrity Spotlight, Vegan Music Artist Spotlight, Vegan Book Review Spotlight, etc., etc. I won’t be able to handle it all on my own. In time there will be pages, magazines and playlists popping up all over the world!

If you would like to see the buzz for yourself, please join me for the ride. Embrace the news as the history of a new world unfolds!

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“Injustice can’t live forever. The world will be vegan one day.” ~ Gary Yourofsky