10 Easy Steps to Becoming Vegan

The Token Vegan

They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so don’t feel discouraged when you’re not Alexander the Great when it comes to adopting a vegan lifestyle. It’s all about taking baby steps. I, myself, took several of these steps to get to where I am now. It took a whopping seven years for me to transition from the girl who loved BBQ ribs to a full-fledged vegan. Some people can switch to a vegan lifestyle as fast as flipping a switch and I commend them for it. Most of us, however, aren’t so luckily. Now, I’ve made many mistakes. Who hasn’t? Have you ever heard of a “pastaterian” (aka someone who eats pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)? Well I was definitely one of those! But what is life but one huge learning experience?

Lucky for you, I’ve made all of these mistakes so you don’t have to. That is why…

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