How to Successfully Fight for the Cause

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The Token Vegan

Are you a dedicated vegan who wants to have your voice heard? So am I! Once you’ve become awakened to the injustices of this world it’s almost impossible not to want to make a difference. You want to rally in the streets with picket signs and a megaphone so that everyone will listen to what you have to say. After all, it’s not like you’re wrong. Sentient beings are suffering and dying everyday, yet less than two percent of America bats an eye. This needs to change. The question is, how do we make this happen? Here is a simple list of some of the v at ways to effectively protest and fight for the cause.

Be mindful and respectful.


As I’ve said before, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Although I am quite optimistic that we can will continue to see growth in the vegan community, I do not…

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