According to scientists, all sea life will be depleted by the year 2048. We receive 70% of our oxygen from the oceans. The effect would be cataclysmic, resulting in the inevitable extinction of mankind. Saving dolphins, whales, sea lions, etc. are mere battles in a war to save our planet; thus, providing a future for our children and their children.

Many of us would like to join the fight for the dolphins in Taiji, the seals in Namibia and/or the whales in the Antarctica but are unable to embark upon such journeys. CyberWhaleWarrior.com was created so that we can engage in these battles via the worldwide web. Whether you spend five minutes or 5 hours a day online, there is something you can do to help spread awareness concerning the plight of our oceans. At CyberWhaleWarrior.com, it is our intention to help you get involved. Along with breaking news articles on marine conservation and interviews with some of the greatest ocean conservation heroes, we offer our readers strategies for becoming —and maintaining a role as— cyber whale warriors.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society does more for our oceans’ welfare than any other organisation on Earth. While we are in no way affiliated with Sea Shepherd, we are loyal supporters and it is our self-appointed mission to point you in their direction. If you would like to make a donation to CyberWhaleWarrior.com, you can’t. We instead encourage you to contribute to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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