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Who Are Anti-Captivity Activists?


I was very impressed with this video by dolphinserenity. Check it out! Visit dolphinserenity on Youtube Related articles #Blackfish and the #CyberWhaleWarrior Cry (  

Tweetstorm for Maui’s #Dolphins


There are an estimated 50 Maui’s dolphins left on this planet and the planet needs to know. It’s time to step up as cyber whale warriors, because your help is needed. Help spread the word… Continue reading

‘Confessions’ Film Should be Required Viewing


If you thought you knew about Sea Shepherd Conservation Society while not having seen Peter J. Brown’s Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist, then you were wrong. Confessions is a prelude to Animal Planet‘s hit… Continue reading

It’s Australia v Japan over whaling in the Antarctic


Justin McCurry in Tokyo Australia is hoping to put a permanent end to Japan’s annual slaughter of hundreds of whales in the Southern Ocean, in a landmark legal challenge that begins this week.… Continue reading

India First Nation Ever To Acknowledge Dolphins As Nonhuman Persons; Outlaw Cetacean Captivity


On May 24, 2013, scientists and cetacean advocates alike were awestruck, inspired and elated to learn that India has become the first Nation in the world to acknowledge dolphins as nonhuman persons.  To… Continue reading

3 Years After the BP Spill and We Are Still Sick | Louisiana Environmental Action Network


Groups send letter outlining ongoing human health impacts along Gulf Coast As Earth Day passes and we remember the events of the BP Oil Spill three years ago, we are reminded that things… Continue reading

Another Season of Whale Wars in the Making


Captain Paul Watson Rejoins the Crew of the Steve Irwin for Operation Zero Tolerance! “The slaughter of great whales has no place in the twenty-first century.” ~ Captain Paul Watson “There is nothing racist about… Continue reading

Right Whale in Peril


I had the pleasure of attending the Right Whale Festival on the 17th at Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Hats off to the Sea Shepherd volunteers who were there. I did so enjoy meeting them.… Continue reading



Overfishing: a threat to marine biodiversity Despite its crucial importance for the survival of humanity, marine biodiversity is in ever-greater danger, with the depletion of fisheries among biggest concerns. Fishing is central to… Continue reading

Video: Earth as Planet Ocean


Published on Oct 23, 2012 by seashepherd Captain Paul Watson explains why the oceans are the heart and foundation of all life on the planet.

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