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Ocean Activist – Feature Blog


Sunday, December 19, 2010 Judgment Day Author: Janice, Ocean Activist. I was chastised by someone who told me I should not use the word “killer” in my blogs. What exactly should I call… Continue reading

日本の人々! People Of Japan!


My initial reasons for boycotting Japanese products were in no way to make a statement. I simply cannot look at a Japanese made product and not think of the horrid atrocities perpetrated by… Continue reading

Japan, Land Of The Rising Sun


Japan, land of the rising sun When did you lose your kindness? When did your traditions turn into blood-handed slaughters? You hide yourself behind the painted white face of a geisha, While your… Continue reading

Japan’s Economic Crisis


According to my friend Jan in the U.K., there was a radio announcement that The Bank Of Japan has carried out a survey to determine why their economy is in a downward spiral.… Continue reading

Your Friend Is Dead


Dear Stars, I saw your friends. They were not doing well and they wondered where you were. They really appreciated your little video encouraging others to help. I have a blog with a… Continue reading

“Stand Up Today” – Feature Blog


This blog is the result of many hours, days and weeks of research. You must bookmark it as reference material and check back often. I have only included a portion of this post,… Continue reading

How Much Longer?


In 2005, Richard Dean Anderson was very much involved with Sea Shepherd’s campaign to save harp seals. He was even on the SSCS board of directors. In 2008, Daryl Hannah helped shine the… Continue reading

Do They Get Our Emails?


As Cyber Whale Warriors, it is one of our duties to monitor the situation in Taji, Japan. When the evil fisherman set out for their inhumane slaughter, we act accordingly by sending emails… Continue reading

Jackie’s Buzz – Feature Blog


Jackie Bigford has been my facebook friend for some time. She has a heart of gold and a blog that proves it. The info here is both informative and very useful for a… Continue reading

Cyber Activism


I would like to share with you some simple facts on how the internet works. The more links that are on the internet about a certain subject, the more that subject is influenced.… Continue reading

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