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Making Philly Fin Free – UPDATE


My friend John Kyser posted a link to Facebook’s Cyber Whale Warriors asking everyone to vote on making Philly fin free. I’m glad there are people like councilman Bobby Henon in office. Whether… Continue reading

Captive Dolphins Can Be Free | #Orlando #Atlanta #Miami #SanAntonio #SanDiego


“They’re not getting the care in the aquariums. It’s a physical fact that we as humans are separating family groups and we’re deciding which animals should go where and how that should be… Continue reading

Cyber Activism


I would like to share with you some simple facts on how the internet works. The more links that are on the internet about a certain subject, the more that subject is influenced.… Continue reading

Do Dolphins Die of Boredom?


The following is from This is what you are contributing to when you pay money to see dolphins in captivity! This photo was recently povided by a former Seaquarium employee. It has… Continue reading