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Twitter Tip: Choosing a Name


As activists, we should have the priority of spreading awareness to the ignorant. We should, therefore, choose a name that doesn’t immediately turn people off to our cause. When you are choosing a Twitter name, ask… Continue reading

Georgia Aquarium Event


HAPPENING NOW! Saturday, July 21, 2012 Starting 12noon (EST) Follow real-time updates from those present via Facebook and/or Twitter Among them are Free the Atlanta 11‘s Becky Pugh and CyberWhaleWarrior.com’s Alex Lewis. Please… Continue reading

Are You a Leader? #Tweet4Taiji #SeaShepherd


I have a regular monthly slot as a guest on the Joey Giggles worldwide radio show: every third Tuesday. We recapped what you could do to recruit an army for your cause and… Continue reading

My Shorty Award Nomination


“Hollywood has the Oscars. Broadway has the Tonys. Now Twitter has the… Shorty Awards“ ~ The New York Times I was nominated for a Shorty award by some wonderful friends. At first, I… Continue reading

#Atlanta Makes #OWS History


I watched the live streaming video as the Atlanta general assembly decided to occupy Atlanta! As much as I would love to join them, I cannot. If you are in the Atlanta area… Continue reading

Operation: Halt Snapperfest


My maternal grandparents were quite a couple. They had separate bedrooms, complete with their own televisions and TV trays. On occasion, they would chat and and/or argue. One morning, my grandmother went to… Continue reading

We Are The Media – 2 | WeAreThe99%


It’s up to us to share videos such as this. It’s up to us to enlighten the ignorant and share the knowledge. Many people simply don’t want to hear it. They don’t want… Continue reading

#TheCove | Please Sign and Share


I am on a mission. There are only two things that will cause me to stand down. One is that the killings at The Cove are a thing of the past. The second… Continue reading

Egotists and Activists


I hear about people who seem to be activists just for the brownie points. They are more concerned with their own praise than anything else. We should be wary of those who seem… Continue reading

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