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ANOTHER Dreadful Day at SeaWorld – Dolphin Leaps Out of Tank | DEATH AT SEAWORLD: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity


By David Kirby This video, posted by PETA, has just appeared on YouTube. It appears to be the dolphin feeding pool at SeaWorld San Antonio, though confirmation from SeaWorld is still pending. It… Continue reading

So You Wish to Train Dolphins and Orcas


What a noble aspiration! These incredible killer whales and dolphins need good people to look after them. Besides, you are not merely a trainer but you are a companion to them. Let’s say,… Continue reading

Video: The Real Sea World | #DASW


HSUS’s marine mammal scientist Dr. Naomi Rose, author David Kirby of “Death at SeaWorld,” and three former SeaWorld trainers visit Puget Sound and observe resident orcas, to compare their lives with those of… Continue reading

Rising Sun Indiana Supports Camp Snapperfest


While the address for Camp Shore Campground is listed as being in Aurora, Indiana, it is officially part of the city of Rising Sun. This was discovered during the international telephone protest to… Continue reading

Operation: Halt Snapperfest


My maternal grandparents were quite a couple. They had separate bedrooms, complete with their own televisions and TV trays. On occasion, they would chat and and/or argue. One morning, my grandmother went to… Continue reading

Indiana SNAPPERFEST: What We Can Do


Articles on the atrocities of Snapperfest have been appearing in online newspapers. Fellow tweeters and I have managed to infiltrate the online media. We did nothing illegal and it did not cost us… Continue reading

Animal Rights Zone


“I don’t base my advocacy messages on what i at heart believe.I base them on what methods and messages – based on the research, and my own experience to some extent – will… Continue reading

Call to Action: Sadistic Evil in Aurora, Indiana


“He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr Is this some sort of Satanic cult? Who are these sick people? Who is more… Continue reading

“Captive” – Song of the Orca


I never would have hurt you if you had just listened to me. I’ve been screaming out to you It should be plain for you to see. I’ve done all you wanted, yet… Continue reading

Vegan For The Animals


* FREE * Online * Full Length Motion Picture * Watch EARTHLINGS Now! It Will Change Your Life CLICK HERE! “And those who dismiss love for our fellow creatures as mere sentimentality overlook… Continue reading

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