Snapperfest – What Are They Really Hiding?

Jefferson Township, Switzerland County, Indiana

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 Indiana’s Campshore Campgrounds hosts an annual event wherein turtles are forced to participate. They are violently snatched up and thrown to the ground just before their heads are forcefully pulled from their shells. The local law enforcement condones the circus, much as the police do in Japan’s dolphin slaughters as depicted in the Academy Award winning film The Cove. Snapperfest is apparently a big money-making holiday in Ohio County, Indiana. Why else would have the event continued after an international outcry to halt the sadistic event?

The following is from WKRC Cincinnati News 12.

Snapperfest has the blessing of local law enforcement as well as conservation officers. Tom Chalk’s been around since the whole thing started. “There ain’t no abuse to the turtles whatsoever…there’s never been one slammed or killed or had its head ripped off.”

According to The Examiner . . .

Despite the organizers’ claims that the event is “good clean fun” — representatives from the World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S), who were on-hand to film the event, were barred from entering the facilities. Tom McPhee, Executive Director and Founder of WA2S, posted on facebook that he was told to “leave the property and not come back again today.”

Well, so much for freedom of the press! It most certainly makes one wonder what they truly have to hide. Meanwhile, articles and videos are popping up all over the internet. Please watch the video below and decide for yourself. A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth much more.

If we can’t stop such an atrocity on our own home turf, how do we ever expect to halt a dolphin massacre in Taiji, Japan?

“We do not need to reflect too long before we realize that all beings spontaneously look for happiness and try to avoid suffering.” – Dalai Lama

“It all comes down to pain and suffering. Not intelligence, not strength, not social class or civil right. Pain and suffering are, in themselves, bad and should be prevented or minimized, irrespective of the race, sex, or species of the being that suffers.” – Joaquin Phoenix | quote from EARTHLING