Indiana SNAPPERFEST: What We Can Do

Rising Sun, Indiana

Image by INDelight Photography via Flickr

Articles on the atrocities of Snapperfest have been appearing in online newspapers. Fellow tweeters and I have managed to infiltrate the online media. We did nothing illegal and it did not cost us a penny. We simply used hashtags. Hashtags are words on twitter with the ‘#’ sign connected to the front of the word. Doing this creates a special hyperlink which can be clicked on or used to search a particular subject. For example, if you see a tweet with the #Snapperfest hashtag, you can click on it and view all recent updates that contain that particular tag. You can also create unique searches by combining hashtags. #Indiana and #news would give you the obvious results.

There are online newspapers that automatically display results from certain hashtags. These are my targets. By including such tags as #Indiana, #Indy, #Travel, #Tourism and #Camping along with #Snapperfest, I have been able to get articles on Rising Sun’s torture-fest to appear in these online papers. A couple examples are The #Indiana Daily and The #Indy Daily. Go ahead and click on the links to see what I mean.

There are also many people who follow specific lists created by an ongoing search of a combination of tags. So if you want camping enthusiasts to learn about Snapperfest, simply include #Camping and #news with your tweet. The more you send out a tweet with a particular tag, or combination of tags, the more likely it will pop up in the Twitter universe. So even if you don’t have a single follower, you can make an impact on the cyber world. You can help spread the word by Tweeting and by ReTweeting. If you get a tweet that you want to pass along, feel free to add the appropriate tags.

snapperfest budweiserAnother way to help spread the word is to start a blog. You don’t have to be a fancy writer. In fact you can do what many of us do and copy the first portion of an article to your blog, making sure to include a link that says, “Click Here to Read More.” Whenever a breaking news story hits the media, it is made popular by duplication and repetition. You see the same story on different television stations and in different newspapers. These rules also apply on the internet. The more posts there are about Snapperfest, the bigger the story is. If we want everyone talking about it, we should all be blogging about it.

We have one year to stop this, so let’s get started! Let’s grab Campshore Campgrounds by the tail! Let’s pry open the comfort zone of Rising Sun, Indiana! Let’s forcefully yank them out of their sanctuary and into the light for all the world to see! Let’s do it with a complete and utter disregard to their rights and feelings. It’s time they had a taste of their own medicine.

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