Rising Sun Indiana Supports Camp Snapperfest

While the address for Camp Shore Campground is listed as being in Aurora, Indiana, it is officially part of the city of Rising Sun. This was discovered during the international telephone protest to end Snapperfest; an annual shindig where crowds cheer for turtles being abused, tortured and killed. Aurora city police informed callers that Camp Shore Campgrounds was not in their jurisdiction and referred protesters to the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department.

If you were to go to the official site for Rising Sun, you would see a typical small-town website, complete with the mayor’s welcome and lots of pretty pictures. After a few clicks, however, you will find that Rising Sun is not so pretty after all. At the top of the page, there is a drop-down list under ‘Departments.’ Choosing the tourism department will bring you to another page that provides a link for the city’s official website Rising Sun – Ohio County Tourism at enjoyrisingsun.com. At the tourism site, click on the “lodging” tab at the top of the page. Lo and behold! Nestled among the list of accommodations is none other than Camp Shore Campground!

Rising Sun – Ohio County Tourism was contacted and they refuse to remove the listing for Camp Snapperfest. It is, therefore, quite obvious that the city of Rising Sun, Indiana takes a strong position on supporting Snapperfest. I find this quite scary. Coming to mind is Jim Jones (a native of Indiana). Considering the youngsters involved in the festivities, I can’t help but think of the movie Children of the Corn.

What exactly is going on in Rising Sun, Indiana? What sort of evil resides in the hearts’ of an entire community and why do they go to such lengths to hide behind the facade of a pleasant little town? Let’s hope we find out before it’s too late. I urge you to watch the video below and share with others in hopes that someone, somewhere, will look into this matter. With so many children involved, this town urgently needs some serious intervention!

Jim Jones via wikipedia