Budweiser Proudly Supports Snapperfest?

Budweiser Supports SnapperfestThe next time you are sucking down a nice cold Bud, don’t be surprised if images of animal torture flash through your mind. That’s right! Just as Budweiser is a household word, Snapperfest is rapidly becoming one as well and it would appear that Budweiser supports Snapperfest. We have all seen the articles and videos on Snapperfest. The World Animal Awareness Society traveled to Indiana in an attempt to document the event. They were not allowed to actually film the torture-fest. Below is a video they recently released. Listen to what the ringleader had to say when he made his appearance.

Please note: According to Tom McPhee, Executive Director and Founder of WA2S, the local law enforcement do not appear to be biased of supportive of the campground’s activities. They are neutral. In fact, Mr. McPhee told me that, “. . . they are very courteous and are just doing their jobs.” I have seen this before. These policemen are merely being professionals. When I was in Boston protesting the slaughter of whales and dolphins by Japan, a kind police officer secretly told us that he could not accept our brochure despite being a big fan of the hit TV show Whale Wars.

After watching the video, you now have a face to put with evil. What Mr Ringleader doesn’t understand is that traditional media is slowly becoming a passing fad. Most people, especially the younger generations, understand that the unedited media comes from the internet. The world is starting to realize that the truly free press comes via sources like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. When the breaking news of the day isn’t reported on television, when the hot topics are not even mentioned in the newspaper and when people like the Snapperfest King can choose his media coverage, it only reinforces our preconceived notions that the local TV stations and newspapers have their own agenda. It only prompts more of us to turn off the television and start up the computer.

That in mind, it appears that Mr CampWannaTortureAnimals forgot something very simple. We are the media! We, the people, are delivering the truth to the people and it just so happens that the 2011 Snapperfest had a lot of people attending. So as long as he will let people into his circus, he will not be able to stop the media. Well, look here! What do we have below? It seems that a person filmed the Snapperfest of August 20, 2011.

So, what now? Do we just sit back and wait for next year? I say “No!” We have a year to stop this. We have more than three-hundred days to save some innocent turtles from the extreme discomfort and torture depicted in the videos.

If there is actually anyone out there who has not heard of Snapperfest, it is up to us to spread the word. Sign the petitions, join the Facebook pages, make your own videos, start a blog and even make your own “Stop Snapperfest” t-shirts! If you have a few bucks, donate to WA2S.org (World Animal Awareness Society) because they will continue documentation on the issue. Most importantly, if you don’t have a Twitter account, get one and send a tweet out every day with the hashtag #Snapperfest. Find out why in my short and simple article Why Tweet? Why ReTweet? And if you happen to be in the Twitter neighborhood, give me a shout at @MrHolise!

With eleven of you, I make a dozen. With ninety-nine of you, I make a hundred. But I cannot do it without each and every one of you. You matter! For the animals. For the turtles. For a better world. Never give up! More links below . . .

“Where there is a mind, there are feelings such as pain, pleasure, and joy. No sentient being wants pain: all wants happiness instead.” – Dalai Lama

“And those who dismiss love for our fellow creatures as mere sentimentality overlook a good and important part of our humanity. But it takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal. And it is actually within us to grant them a happy life and a long one.” – Joaquin Phoenix | quote from EARTHLINGS